Los Angeles Jewelry Center

629 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014



The Center is located in an area well-known and established as a jewelers’ district. The tenants are engaged in a wide range of jewelry manufacturing, wholesale and retail sales with importing and exporting activities. Jewelry from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Western Hemisphere is on display at the Center and is for sale to the general public, both at the ground and metro levels.

It is a twelve-story office building, built in 1930 and extensively renovated and remodeled in 1977-78. It contains approximately 63,000 square feet of net leasable space. The upper floors are used for offices and are rented on a square foot basis. The ground and metro floors are devoted to a jewelers’ mart, with merchandise leasing small retail areas and paying a flat rate per area.


A feature in the building which is a particular attraction to its tenants is a common security system. Included in the alarm system are both a contact switch burglar alarm and a hold-up button silent alarm system, both fed into a guard station. The guard station observes the building on monitor screens fed by cameras located on each floor. In addition to alerting regular building guards, alarms are carried to the security company, which in turn contacts the Los Angeles Police Department.

In addition to providing security, leases at the Center include the following services at the expense of the landlord:
• On-site building management and engineers.
• Individual thermostatic controls for air conditioning in Tower suites.
• Immediate occupancy into freshly painted and cleaned vacancies.


The LAJC is situated in the heart of the downtown Los Angeles business district. Just half a block of Pershing Square, the location of the building is vital to its tenants, who trade in jewelry. The 6th Street – 7th Street – Hill Street area is the only major jewelry center on the West Coast. Office buildings, financial institutions and various retail businesses dominate the area.

The general area also contains several major hotels, the entertainment facilities of the Los Angeles Music Center and the convention facilities of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Also to the west of the Center are the national or South California headquarters of many major corporations and financial institutions.

Public transportation serves the area, and the Center is readily accessible from several freeways which pass through the downtown Los Angeles business district. There is ample parking within a one block walk.

629 South Hill Street,
Los Angeles, California 90015